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The opening ceremony of the NEW CARZONE & T-mall’s first session of training course for veterans

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On May 18th, the opening ceremony of the first session of training course for veterans jointly held by "Shaanxi Veterans Affairs Department" and "new Kangzhong tmall car" was held in Shanxi national patriotism education and training base as scheduled.

Qu Xiaopeng, member of the Party group and deputy director of Shaanxi Veterans Affairs Office, Mr. Shang Baoguo, CEO of xinkangzhong, Mr. Cai Yongzhi, COO of NEW CARZONE, head of tmall car chain, Mr. Zhang Yafeng, assistant general manager of tmall car chain, and nearly 100 veterans attended the opening ceremony.


The opening ceremony officially began after the opening of the Grand National Anthem.


During this year's corona virus, Chinese soldiers have always been fighting in the front line of the anti epidemic, making great contributions and sacrifices to the anti epidemic, reflecting the style and strength of Chinese soldiers, as well as their sense of trust in the hearts of the masses.

As a well-known brand in China, tmall is deeply trusted by consumers. It is hoped that in the business of tmall's car keeping, it can be overlapped with the sense of trust given to the masses by the soldiers, and can give the end-user a real and reliable car keeping experience. "


Later, the veterans made speeches on behalf of Liu Pan and Qin Xuan. He said that he would carry forward the military's temperament and good character in the next training and study. Through this month's study, he would lay a good foundation for mastering relevant knowledge and skills, and cast a winning, loud and technically competent tmall car raising a disciplined team in the market.


Finally, Mr Qu Xiaopeng, member of the Party committee and deputy director of the Retired Veterans Affairs Office, delivered a speech. He praised the new congregation for careful arrangement and preparation for the current training course for veteran. And around the employment situation of the veterans, the far-reaching significance of this training course and the hope of the participants, I made a speech to express my concern for the majority of the veterans and my ardent expectation for everyone to live happily.


If you want to do nothing complicated, you will work hard at the beginning and ease at the end. The launch of the first training course for retired tmall car owners laid a solid foundation for our follow-up training.

In this training, xinkangzhong will take small class teaching based on the skill level and development intention of the veterans, design relevant courses and practice contents for different classes, and invite senior experts in the industry to give lectures.

By building a tmall car and a disciplined team, veterans can improve their skills, income, life and honor.


As a one-stop automobile service chain brand that xinkangzhong strives to build, tmall auto deeply integrates resources such as Alibaba ecosystem, xinkangzhong supply chain and F6 automobile technology. With the purpose of establishing a "standard, transparent and guaranteed" service system, and with the mission of "let the world have no hard to open repair shop", we will join hands with offline maintenance stores to create a new retail service brand of online and offline integration that consumers trust.

At present, tmall has started project expansion in 8 provinces and cities nationwide, and is expected to reach 500 by the end of 2020. The rapid development is facing a huge demand for talents. The successful establishment of the first phase of tmall car training class for veterans is just the beginning.

In the future, we hope that more and more excellent veterans can join in, to cultivate production talents and craftsmen for the national automobile maintenance industry, and to create five stars services brand for veterans in the automobile aftermarket! Hand in hand to improve the status of the industry  to create value!