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The housewarming ceremony of NEW CARZONE Nanjing headquarters was completed successfully!

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The spring wind sets the beam, and there are ambitions to settle down.


On April 30, 2020, the auspicious day, NEW CARZONE ushered in a new milestone in the company's development history - the relocation of Nanjing headquarters to a new location, which is located in Xincheng science and Technology Park, the largest Largest high-tech industrial park in Nanjing.


At 10:18 a.m ,  With the launch of gongs by Shang Baoguo, CEO of NEW CARZONE, the relocation ceremony officially began. In his speech, Mr. Shang expressed his heartfelt thanks to the friends who have always cared for and supported NEW CARZONE. When it comes to moving to a new location, historical surprises happen all the time. NEW CARZONE officially established an independent office in 2006, went to Ningnan Auto Parts City in 2012, South business park in 2014, and now Xincheng Technology Park. 


Every time we move to a new location, we will have a new business record. In April, at the beginning of spring and summer, NEW CARZONE 's turnovers has indeed hit a new high.


The market and economy affected by the epidemic are already recovered. NEW CARZONE insists on taking customers as the center, actively helps the maintenance enterprises return to work, provides high-quality products and professional services, and works together to create a new height in 2020. At the end of the speech, the ribbon cutting ceremony officially began.


The representatives of the headquarters hold the ceremonial and auspicious fireworks and golden scissors, cut the red silk and cut out the Golden Avenue, wishing the NEW CARZONE have a good future.


"Jing" and "Jin" are homophonic. Lion dance has the meaning of "Dian Jin", which symbolizes "peace and auspiciousness" and "extensive financial resources". CEO Shang Baoguo and President Shaolong together make the finishing touch for auspicious lion.


As the ceremony is completed, the ceremony of relocation of NEW CARZONE Nanjing headquarters was officially completed. The simple and warm sense of ceremony in special period opened a new beginning of NEW CARZONE Nanjing headquarters.



All NEW CARZONE teammates will continue to forge ahead with their original intention, position themselves as a professional service provider of automobile post market integration, take " ensure safety, through proper car operations" as their mission, and continue to move forward for the beautiful vision of " drive safe and reliable transportation for car owners ". If the beginning of 2020 is difficult, the end must be complete!



Nanjing headquarters of NEW CARZONE